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[31 May 2007|03:52pm]
[ mood | angry ]

so my birthday pretty much sucked today....1. my best freind was lyk oo i forgot it wa syour birthday i was lyk thanks...2. i fiund out that shes having a bonfire tomorow night and didnt even invite me and shes been planning it since wensday...3. my mom cancelled our trip to the cape cuz its supposed to be rainy all weekend so no plans now...4. ican teven get to practice tonight because staphney who ussual,ly drives me wont drive me because im a bitch....and 5.IT JUST SUXXXXXX

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[30 May 2007|10:54pm]
[ mood | scared ]

SO today is the last day ill be sixteen and can i just say haveing the seniors leave last friday and realizing that next year ill be a senior really gave me a wake up call that myhigh school years are pretty much over and i better make the rest of it a good one so i decided that tomorow (which ill be seventeen not sixteen) will be a start oif a new outlook on life lol and ill deff make sure i make the best out of everything becuase before i know it it will be over wow...its kind of scary how fast your life goes by i cant believe that im goingt o be asenior and it feel lyk the other day i was touring the high school when i was in eighth grade or riding bike wiht all my freinds through the neighborhood with no care in the world except for what we were going to do ...well i hope everyone else thinks about it too because you really should live your life to the fullest cuz you do only have one (i believe that) well im going to go to bed and then in the morning ill be seventeen woohoo...ill be back tomorow

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